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Siyyum HaTorah

On Sunday, April 14, Temple Bat Yam dedicated the Sefer Torah created for our congregation under the direction of fourth generation Sofer (Torah Scribe) Rabbi Moshe Klein. Begun in our Sanctuary on May 5, 2001, the Torah was then written in B'nai B'rak, Israel. Grand Benefactors of the Torah were Eav and Jerry Baer, who sponsored the Torah in memory of their grandparents, Ethel and Ferdinand Born and Lucille and Melvin Baer, and in honor of Jerry's parents Terri and Allan, and Eav and Jerry's children, Danielle and Merritt.

Following are excerpts from Jerry Baer's in presentation remarks.

What a wonderful pleasure it has been to participate in the creation of this Torah. Watching Rabbi Klein as he inspired the children, and spoke with the congregation, then as we watched him write and he allowed us to actually help sew the Torah together, these have provided us with memories we will never forget.

We also want to give special thanks to Rabbi Littman. He has been a wonderful leader and friend, and has done so much to make us and our children feel part of the temple family. That is part of what led Eav and I to this special day. Today is a day that represents family. There is nothing in our lives that has been more important...I was lucky enough to have known and shared wonderful memories with all 4 of my grandparents as well as two of my great grandparents.  Eav was very fortunate to be able to enjoy and spend lots of special occasions with 3 of them. They have always taught us the importance of family, and of supportingour Jewish heritage as well... My parents ... have taught us the need to give back creating opportunities for future generationsis to all Jewish people.  We felt that the donationof the Sefer Torah would be a small way of fulfilling a part of that lesson.

Below are excerpts from the response of our President, Geoffrey Mombach, in the form of a Ketubah, a marriage covenant, symbolizing the Covenant between God and Israel:

[Today] We, the members of Temple Bat Yam, promise to consecrate ourselves, individually and communally to Your Torah, represented here today by our new Sefer Torah, just as our ancestors consecrated themselves when they stood at Sinai. We promise to act in such a way as to make the words of Torah sweet by loving, honoring, and cherishing each other and the works of Your creation.

We promise to work together to make for this Sefer Torah a congregational home which will be faithful to the teachings of Torah, committed to deeds of loving-kindness and tikkun olam, filled with reverence for learning and spiritual fulfillment, warmed by loving generosity, sanctified by music, candles, and wine ...

We promise always to support one another and to act with forgiveness, compassion, and integrity, guided by the teachings of Torah and linked eternally to the past, present and future of the Jewish people.


                     Dedications in the Temple Bat Yam Torah are available.For a list of dedications, and additional

information, please contact the Temple office at 954-928-0410

Wed, April 17 2024 9 Nisan 5784