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Life and Legacy


What is a Legacy?

George Fredlund & Elissa Mogilefsky

Co-Chairs, Ner Tamid Society

We Jews are all here by Legacy. Despite all the travails our people have endured, “Heneini” we are here. Even in our small numbers, we have led humankind in the sciences, the arts and social justice. History keeps writing us into the story of humankind and we will continue to do great things.
The legacy of Anne Frank is that she captured on paper what it is to be a Jew. We have all read her Diary at one time or another but it is time to dust it off, once again,  and have a look with new eyes:
            "How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to
            improve the world." - Anne Frank
How can we assure the continuance of Jewish spirit and thought? We can work to assure that houses of Jewish study, meeting and worship have a proper place in society into the future.
Please, do not wait a single moment. Start thinking about your contribution to Judaism’s legacy and include Temple Bat Yam in your estate planning. Your Temple, unborn generations of Jews and indeed a world in need of perfection are counting on you.
What You Can Do to Support Temple Bat Yam Through Legacy Giving
In considering a Planned Gift, your generosity will not only ensure the future of Temple Bat Yam but also help you in your desire to be philanthropic and financially secure. Planned giving is a philanthropic tool that enables a donor to realize significant financial gains while providing support to the Synagogue. It allows you to tailor your donation to fit both your needs and those of the temple.
There are a variety of different Planned Giving strategies including Donations of Appreciated Assets (Real Estate, Stocks, Bonds, etc.), and beneficiary designations in Life Insurance, IRAs and Charitable Remainder Trusts. The easiest and simplest way to give is through a direct bequest in your wills or living trust. All have one thing in common, they provide a way for you to support the temple that you care about while still allowing you to take care of your family's long-term financial needs.
There is no better time than the present to create your own legacy.  Select the form of planned giving most suited to your goals  and enter into a partnership with us to help secure the future of Temple Bat Yam.
Donors who notify us of the inclusion of Temple Bat Yam in their Estate Plan become members of our Ner Tamid Society. This is a recognition society honoring those individuals who have shown the foresight to remember Temple Bat Yam in their estate plans.  Your planning today will make the difference in the future of Temple Bat Yam for years to come.
Please note that this is only general information regarding available options to consider when making a Planned Gift. You are strongly encouraged to consult your personal legal and tax professional advisors to discuss which options would be best for your personal situation.
Wed, May 29 2024 21 Iyar 5784