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Rimonim: The Sy and Susan Sperling School of Jewish Education

Rimonim, a new name.

“Rimonim” is the Hebrew word for pomegranates. If you travel to Israel, you can see them growing all over the place. When you cut them open, they are filled with bright red seed pearls coated with sweet and tart juice. Jewish scholars once believed that there were 613 seed pearls in each Rimon (pomegranate), and the fruit came to represent the commandments. The silver ornaments on many Torah scrolls are shaped like rimonim to remind us of our 613 sacred obligations. We have chosen to change the name of our educational program to “Rimonim” to bring each of us closer to Torah, so we can explore the many ways we can bring the sacred into our lives.

Feeling part of the Bat Yam community, building friendships, and feeling connected to Judaism are key components to helping our children become committed Jewish adults. Our youth education program meets Sundays from 9:00 to noon. In addition, there are opportunities for engaging family education, fun holiday celebrations, joyful Shabbat observance, and meaningful social justice projects.

The Temple Bat Yam community believes that learning and participation in Jewish religious and cultural life are essential to forming a Jewish identity. Therefore, the Temple Bat Yam community is dedicated to educating Jewish youth who will:

  • See Judaism as a positive and meaningful framework for their lives; and
  • Express their Judaism through ethical behavior, ritual participation, and social action; and
  • View their Jewish education as a lifelong process; and
  • Involve themselves with their Jewish community locally and globally.

Jewish journeys are lifelong experiences. Therefore, it is important to enroll children when they are young to gain an early love of Judaism and have them continue through their high school years to help secure a life-long connection to their Judaism. Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime so we can learn about your family and share more about our programs.

We look forward to getting to know you and sharing your child’s and your family’s Jewish journey.

Call our office at 954-928-0410 for more information.


School Tuition and Fees for 2023-2024


  TBY members non-members  

K, 1st, and 2nd grades

(Sundays from 10 to noon)

$800 $1,600  

3rd through 7th grades

(Sundays from 9 to noon)

$1,000 $1,800  
Security Fee per family     $125



Wed, April 17 2024 9 Nisan 5784