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About Us

Temple Bat Yam (TBY) of East Fort Lauderdale is a warm and welcoming Reform congregation dedicated to exploring and embracing Jewish heritage from a liberal perspective.

Founded in 1985 by a group of young families who recognized the need for a Reform temple to service the growing number of Jewish people on the east side of Fort Lauderdale, TBY has grown into a spirited close-knit community of about 300 families that is rooted in tradition and focused on the present and future of Judaism.

The Temple encourages lifelong Jewish study through its educational programming for children, families and adults. TBY offers a religious school for tots through Bar/Bat Mitzvah and Confirmation, as well as adult education classes. Through music, cultural and social programs, and hosting various civic and Jewish organizations, the Temple brings people together through lively events and meaningful Jewish participation.

Deeply conscious of the role of the synagogue throughout Jewish history, Temple Bat Yam seeks to fulfill its mission as a Bet Tefillah – a House of Prayer:  a Bet Midrash – a House of Study:  and a Bet Knesset – a House of Assembly.

During communal Shabbat services and through observance of the High Holy Days and Jewish festivals throughout the year, TBY encourages meaningful observance in solidarity with the Jewish people while recognizing individual diversity.

TBY is a member of the Union for Reform Judaism (
We welcome you to our web site and invite you to learn about our programming, membership opportunities, events, calendar and other information. Shalom!

Temple Bat Yam, meaning “Daughter of the Sea,” was named to reflect its location in East Fort Lauderdale.  In Israel, there is a seaside city named Bat Yam located on the Mediterranean coast, just south of Tel Aviv.

Mission Statement

Founded in 1985, Temple Bat Yam of East Fort Lauderdale is a Reform Congregation, exploring and embracing the heritage of our faith from the perspective of liberal Judaism.

Deeply conscious of the role of the Synagogue throughout Jewish history, we seek to fulfill our mission as a Bet Tefillah – a House of Prayer, a Bet Midrash – a House of Study, and a   Bet Knesset – a House of Assembly.

It is our mission to infuse Jewish life with commitment to God, to Torah and to the Jewish People. We encourage every Jew to affiliate with a Synagogue, and to contribute his or her skills to it, in order to ensure the perpetuation of the Synagogue and the strengthening of Jewish life.

It is Temple Bat Yam’s mission to create an environment for the communal observance of Shabbat, the Holy Days and Festivals of the Jewish year. We seek to encourage meaningful Jewish practice in solidarity with the Jewish People, while recognizing individual diversity. We endeavor to inspire our members to implement in their homes and their lives, that sense of spiritual commitment to Judaism which finds communal expression in the Synagogue.

Temple Bat Yam encourages lifelong Jewish study, by maintaining educational programs of the highest quality for children, families and adults, and offering the faculty and facilities to implement these programs. At all levels we strive to imbue our students with an appreciation of their uniqueness as Jews, guiding them to discover the content of Jewish intellectual, spiritual, historical and social life.

Temple Bat Yam is a microcosm of the Jewish People. It is our mission to create opportunities for social interaction among our members, and through which our members can be supportive of each other in simcha and in sadness, in health and in illness. We endeavor to express our commitment to the Jewish People by participating in the efforts and programs of the Jewish community, here and abroad. We commit ourselves to manifesting the values of Judaism by responding to emergency and ongoing needs of the general community, both physically and spiritually, and by joining cause and encouraging dialogue with those who share our concerns and our aspirations.

We recognize that the elements of this mission are interrelated, and in the fulfillment of these goals we ask the commitment and  involvement of every member of Temple Bat Yam.

Chazak, chazak v’nitchazek…Be strong, be resolute, and let us strengthen each other.

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